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Environmental Biotechnology ARAM Biotec
It is on biotechnology that we focus our focus: we leverage its possibilities to promote sustainable market development with minimal environmental impact.
  • We are supported by staff and associated companies that include microbiologists and chemists with a long and proven experience in bringing to market state-of-the-art biotechnological solutions enabling the implementation of treatment processes in industrial, commercial, agricultural and sanitation sectors. Here, the microorganisms use organic and inorganic pollutant substrates for their metabolism. As a result, unwanted industrial products such as waste from grease separators or organic waste trapped in pump wells or inspection chambers are converted into carbon dioxide (CO2), water (H2O) and energy (used by microorganisms).

    However, there are several biotechnological solutions for all types of applications where we can have support for any application:

  • Etars

  • transport industry

  • Maritime Industry

  • Odor control

  • Agriculture


The accumulation of solids, oils and fats (SOG) is the main cause of blockages and overflow in drains and drainage lines, the main cause of operational failure in pumping stations and pumping wells, resulting in most cases in bad odors ( oxidative rancidity, anaerobiosis, pest creation). Problems caused by SOG discharge are widespread and represent a large share of the direct and indirect remediation costs of maintaining drainage systems.


  • Drain Lines

  • Fat Separators

  • Boxes where Fat accumulates

  • pump wells

  • Treatment Stations

  • Biotechnology for biological treatment - preventive maintenance of drainage systems, grease separators and pumping wells

  • The ARAMBiotec Bio-block is one of the many solutions we have to respond to these problems. These products are designed to be used from the discharge point (tub) through the entire line of the drainage system to the wastewater treatment plant. The model design means there is a size that fits every situation, small or large storage tanks, large flow systems and other land-based or marine-based applications.

    Bio-block ARAMBiotec is a solid product intended for the slow release of emulsifiers, bacteria that degrade SOG and against odor agents, resulting in a continuous low maintenance treatment. Blocks are proven to dissolve completely in an average of 3 months to suit common service or inspection cycles as long as you are involved in geotextile socks.

    Bio-Bloco ARAMBiotec contains bacteria capable of degrading SOG. When combined with specific nutrients and slow-release oxygen sources they continue to break down SOG at the low concentrations of dissolved oxygen found in nearly all drainage line applications. (The ARAMBiotec Bio-Block is also available in 50g pellets and are called Bio-Puck)


Bio-block ARAMBiotec is specially manufactured for slow release. A combination of selected surfactants form a protective gel when the product is immersed in water. This ensures that turbulence and external forces from the effluent do not overload the product or deplete its life. For example, the 5Kg Bio-block releases approximately 125g of active material per day – even at temperatures up to 50°C. Additionally, the Rumexo Bo-blocks are wrapped in a mesh filtering geotextile sock that reduces the release up to 10x more. The sock is made of cotton stitches and provides high tensile strength. This is useful in particularly fast waste streams, or where a longer lifetime is required (up to 3/4 months). Bio-Bloco ARAMBiotec is completely soluble and leaves no residue for disposal. If used in the sock provided, it is biodegradable and can be disposed of as compost waste.


  • Contains bacterial cultures specially selected for SOG degradation

  • Secondary degradation activity of a wide variety of organic wastes

  • Degrades food and faecal waste and reduces SOG and sludge contributing to reduced frequency of suction cleaning.

  • Minimizes or controls bad odors (H2S, NH3, and other sulfur/ammoniac odors

  • Can optimize discharge parameters by reducing COD and BOD5 and SST levels

  • Simple, safe chemistry that complements biological activity.

Available dimensions:

A range of options is available to cover customer needs



Application Separators with:

50g Bio-Puck

0.5 kg

1 kg

2 kg

5 kg

5 cm diameter x 2 cm depth

10 cm diameter x 3 cm depth

10 cm diameter x 6 cm depth

10 cm diameter x 12 cm depth

16 cm diameter x 14 cm depth

drains, gutters, floor siphons

0-300 liters

300-600 liters

600-2000 liters

2000-3000 liters

Note: Intermediate or higher separators can be handled using multiple blocks
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