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Unclogging and Sanitation

The department of Aram Serviços, with over 20 years in industrial and commercial cleaning, unclogs the areas of Almada, Seixal to Sesimbra and Azeitão, in emergency situations, at any time of day or night, both domestically and commercially. Request our 24-hour picket and, immediately, you will have a team of professionals duly accredited for this purpose and who use the most appropriate and innovative technical means on the market.

Avoid bad odors and infiltrations, pay attention to your health, avoiding contamination by bacteria or risk of flooding! In any type of unblocking, indoor or outdoor, we guarantee a quality, safe, long-lasting and clean job. We also use biotechnology with biological pads and blocks for preventive maintenance, thus avoiding the obstruction of the pipes with grease and bad odours. For more information or request for free and non-binding estimates regarding unclogging in Seixal or Almada, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. Efficiency and maximum rigor thinking of your convenience.

Sewer unblocking - Video inspection service - Location of sewer boxes - Floor washing - Pump well maintenance - Bioremediation with biological tablets and blocks to prevent bad odors and obstructions - Pest control (cockroaches, fleas, etc.)

ARAM Untops and performs bioremediation in the following locations:
Almada - Cova da Piedade - Pragal and Cacilhas - Caparica and Trafaria - Heath of Caparica - Sobreda - Costa da Caparica Orange and Feijó - Seixal - Blackberry - Corroios - Arrentela - Paio Pires Village - Azeitão - Alfarim - Sesimbra

Aram's technicians have extensive experience and rely on suitable partners to offer the following services:

Unclogging of toilets, bathtubs, plumbs and floor siphons.


Unblocking pipes and washing sewer boxes.


Pest Control: Cockroaches, rodents, fleas etc...

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