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Non-return valves

All outlet pipes coming from drainage fittings in buildings (washing machines, showers, toilets, etc.) are connected to the sewer, thus forming a system of joined pipes. If the effluents cannot flow freely through the sewer (eg after heavy rains or because of blockages in the sewer pipes), they are pushed back into the outlet pipes - potentially flooding all areas of the house below the return level. Complies with EN 13564.

Premium non-return valves
With mechanical or motor anti-return clapper
Classic Anti-Return Valves
With mechanical anti-return clapper
Non-return valves in underground installation chamber
Mounting outside the building

Problem: Drain system without backflow protection
During heavy rains, the water level rises above the so-called return level. This term is commonly used to imply street level. Rooms in the basement can quickly flood, causing extensive damage.

Solution: Drainage system with backflow protection
Drainage systems such as: floor drains, washing machines, washbasins, showers or toilets that are below the return level must be effectively and permanently protected against backflow. Effluents with gravity drainage into the sewer must be protected by a non-return valve. If the public sewer is higher than the drainage location in the building, the effluent must be pumped upwards through a lifting station.


General information on return protection

Staufix and Staufix Control with non-return valve

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