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The ARAM Service department entered the market with the accumulated experience of over 20 years in industrial and commercial cleaning. Our wide range of services is as vast as the network of our partners. With Aram Service you won't have to be dependent on a single service provider. With ARAM Service, you can finally have a single specialist interlocutor who will deal with all your drainage and sanitation problems so that you can focus more on your business.

We provide domestic and commercial unclogging services, cleaning of grease separators, inspection of hydrocarbon separators, technical assistance to pumping wells and we supply biological blocks for bio-repair of grease separators and drainage systems.

Aram technicians have extensive experience and rely on suitable partners to offer the following services.

Grease Separator Cleaning

Unclogging and unblocking collectors

Injection to Repair Water Leakage

Cleaning and Maintenance of Hydrocarbon Separators

Inspection and rehabilitation of sanitation collectors

environmental biotechnology
ARAM Biotech

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