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Injection to Repair Water Leakage
Wet walls, cracked ceilings, cavities, voids and unstable foundation floors all pose significant hazards to structural soundness. Our world-leading injection technologies - in line with the full range of applications found in structural and civil engineering - quickly and permanently protect structures from water, while repairing and stabilizing them.
  • Waterproof injection.
    If a building suffers from general water permeability or rising damp over a wide area, it is unlikely to remain suitable for use for much longer. Excavation to expose the area is invariably very expensive - and often unnecessary. Cover injection solutions using advanced MC materials ensure economical, reliable and durable waterproofing. Injection work can be carried out in the underlying ground close to the building, behind walls or under foundation slabs. .

    Application examples:

  • Sub-basements

  • slab roofing

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